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July 14 2013

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Behold, I am smiling.
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April 16 2013

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March 11 2013


February 18 2013

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January 21 2013

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December 09 2012

It's an interesting question, but he didn't even speak about beeing nerdy at all! All he is talking about are some aspects which apply to not just nerds but to hundreds of different groups as well so he's not really talking about the topic he brought up front!

November 26 2012


October 14 2012

Slowmo Surprise.
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October 01 2012

The article leaves out the most essential part of the whole story: The theoretical proof that the other end of the rod will really have a higher downward velocity component when one end hits the table. While it's clear that the rod gains angular momentum, there is still the possibility that the tangential velocity of the rotational movement is compensated for by the upwards speed which is caused by the bouncing.
I'm not saying this whole thing is wrong but without this critical point, the theory is not entirely convincing and I am too much of a critical thinker to believe just from watching the videos.

September 25 2012

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September 22 2012

Damn, I wish this would work!
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September 17 2012

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Amazon Yesterday Shipping - YouTube
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September 08 2012

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September 02 2012

Too bad it's fake...

August 21 2012

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